[DR. MARTY] “A lot of people that have cats are unknowingly doing something that is shortening their pet’s life

I’ve been a veterinarian for 45 years, and I’ve treated thousands of cats.”

[KEITH CARRADINE] “Once you started working on Mr. Toodles, he improved dramatically, and I think you gave him probably an extra couple years.”

[DR. MARTY] “Squeeki is 22-years old. She’s been on my program since a kitten. She’s literally not been sick in her life.

There’s one simple thing you could do, and you can use these techniques for your cat, right at home, without having to have me there, or travel to see me.”

[WOMAN WITH CAT] “After following Dr. Marty’s advice and techniques, she just…she became a new cat.”*

*All cats are unique – your cat’s experiences may vary.

Our cats are a part of our family

When as a practicing veterinarian, I lost my own cat Zots to a bladder blockage infection, when he was just 9 years old

I swore to dedicate the rest of my life, to helping as many cats as possible live longer, and healthier lives

What I'm going to share with you next, allowed my other cat “The Geeter”, to live to the age of 24, and my next cat, “Squeeki” live to the age of 23

And, in my professional opinion, as practicing veterinarian for 4 decades, I know it will help your cat too*

*All cats are unique – your cat’s experiences may vary.

Hi, my name is Dr. Marty Goldstein

I'm a licensed veterinarian with a practice in South Salem, New York,, and a 1973 graduate of the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine

Today, I'm going to expose 3 dangerous ingredients added to many cat foods –

Even foods that claim to be, “healthy”, “organic” and “natural”...

That in my professional opinion, as a practicing veterinarian of over 45 years... could give your cat kidney problems, obesity, bad digestion, or bladder stones

I call these 3 ingredients

“Cat Health Disruptors”

They are found in both cheap and expensive foods... and when you hear them, you will be shocked

Have you noticed your cat is is getting heavier... or having tartar and dental problems?

Dry, flaky fur, or greasy fur... or ear infections, or yeasty ears?

These things – along with arthritis, and diabetes – can all be the result of poor nutrition

Today I'm also going to show you 1 common type of cat food, found in every pet store in America...

that is missing a critical vitamin your cat needs, to support their heart health

What's sad, is that it is marketed to you as a premium food

Today, you'll discover the truth

Now, if you saw me on Oprah, or Martha Stewart's show, you know I've built my reputation as the veterinarian whose nutritional therapy can help an animal who is critically ill

This is actually how I met Oprah, and Martha

Oprah brought me on her show after I helped her dog, Sophie, recover from a terrible illness...

and when Martha's cat Mozart had kidney problems... my nutritional therapy helped Mozart have a full recovery

Though while I was able to help Mozart live to the age of 19

I never like to hear about a cat getting sick...

And lately, I've been hearing about it more and more

This is why I spent a considerable amount of time and money to create this video – that many in the pet food industry would prefer you NOT see

With the large “premium” pet food company, Blue Buffalo, recently paying a 32 million dollar settlement when it was discovered their labels were misleading unsuspecting consumers...

There has never been a more important time to educate yourself

Today, I'm going to share 4 discoveries I have made to promote maximum Cat Longevity… that can help your cat live a longer, and healthier life

These 4 things are just as important whether you have a kitten

A middle-aged cat

Or a senior cat...

And best of all, these are 4 things you can do at home

What you're about to discover helps your cat

● Become sleeker, and stronger*

Maintain a shiny, healthy coat*

● Have more regular poops*

● Less tartar and gum problems *

*All cats are unique – your cat’s experiences may vary.

And don't be surprised if you notice your cat has

A less-smelly litter box*

Dramatically improved health markers*


A calmer, but happier personality*

*All cats are unique – your cat’s experiences may vary.

A simple change you can make at home – will show a big difference in your cat, in just a few days*

*All cats are unique – your cat’s experiences may vary.

Now I'm not sure how you arrived here today

Maybe you were sent here by your veterinarian, or a fellow cat lover

Either way, I want to welcome you

Grab a pen, or something to take some notes, and let's begin!

To start, we need to ask the tough question:

Why are more cats getting sick, than ever before?

The truth is that almost NO regulation of pet food quality exists in America

Neither the USDA, nor the FDA takes the time to monitor or inspect all pet foods

And while the AAFCO has set nutritional standards for cats, they do not monitor and enforce the quality of ingredients put into pet food formulas

And there are certainly no checkpoints in place to stop companies from putting in additives that could harm your cat, as I'm about to show you

The way I explain it to those I see in my practice is...

We humans could probably eat McDonald's burgers and fries every day, and we would survive

… but if we want to THRIVE... we need to learn about what's really healthy, and what isn't... and eat accordingly

The same is true with our cats

There is just one big difference:

If your cat isn't getting proper nutrition, he or she can't ask for a different meal

They depend on us to make the best choice

I learned this the hard way, with my cat, “Zots”

I was fresh out of vet school, and I knew very little about pet nutrition

At Cornell, we had learned about the percentages of food ingredients cats should have in their diet... but never about what was a quality protein source

We learned how to diagnose and treat a cat's problems. We learned how to operate on cats, and medicate cats.

But we weren't REALLY taught how we could help cat lovers prevent their cats from having health problems, in the first place!

At the time, I had cats NAMED 'Zots' and 'The Geeter'

One day, Zots came down with urinary disease causing a blockage, which is very common in male cats

Before I could even attempt to treat him... his bladder exploded

And at the age of 9, he was gone

I was devastated

I had loved Zots, and I feared that I made a choice that ended his life

Now, this was the 1970's, and no one was talking about what was in pet food

So honestly, I didn't even think about the food I had been feeding Zots

But then, I had an interesting experience in my personal life...

At the time, I was in my late twenties, and overweight

I was losing my hair, and I was already suffering from symptoms of arthritis

One day, I stumbled across a book on natural diets

It inspired me to cut out all processed foods, and junk foods.

Within a few weeks, I had lost 20 pounds, and my joint pain had disappeared

This led me to think –

If eating real, natural foods is good for me, wouldn't it be good for cats and dogs, too?

Now, this may not sound revolutionary to you,

but as I said, this was in the 70's, and no one was talking about this

I even found out a few years after I graduated.... that the food we had been feeding our cats and dogs in my veterinary studies at school, which was sponsored to us by the big pet food companies...

… was absolute garbage!

I first tried a diet change with a dog –

He was a Weimaraner named Kaiser – who was coming out of a coma

As soon as Kaiser woke up, I took him off of kibble... and put him on a real food diet, that I had his caregivers buy and prepare themselves

Then, 3 amazing things happened...

First, for a week or two... everyone who touched Kaiser broke out in a rash!


Because Kaiser was detoxing, and all of the nasty chemicals in his body were coming out through his skin

Then, Kaiser lost all of the rest of his hair. It just fell clean out!

A new coat of fur began to grow in... but it wasn't the old, mangy fur he had before.

It was a new coat of fuzzy brown puppy fur! Which was odd, because all adult Weimaraners are grey

Eventually that puppy fur turned into a brilliant shade of grey... and Kaiser looked and acted like a new dog!

He had made a remarkable transformation.*

*Individual results may vary.

And then all of a sudden it hit me – I was right

Animals should be eating a real food diet!

And then, I got a sinking feeling in my stomach...

I had been feeding Zots the same commercial dry food that was sponsored to us at Cornell

Thinking that I had made the choice that might have killed Zots broke my heart

I immediately switched my other cat, The Geeter's diet. I began preparing it myself, from whole foods I bought at the market

And The Geeter lived to the ripe old age of 24

Since then, what I've discovered has helped thousands of other cats live long, healthy lives

So what is my recommended diet?

Well first, let's talk about what is NOT in it – because it is just as more important

That brings me to

The 1st of my “Cat Health Disruptors”...


“Fillers” can be defined as anything the food companies put in cat food... that doesn't do GOOD for your cat!

If you've been trying to make healthy choices for your cat, you may have heard the term,

“Species appropriate”

What that term means is to give an animal the type of food their species is designed to eat

An example would be with corn

Corn is “species appropriate” for a squirrel, or a raccoon

… but because a cat would never eat corn in the wild, it is NOT species appropriate for a cat

The worst fillers are corn, wheat, and soy

Along with the heavyset grains, like barleys, oatmeal, and white rice

These fillers are put into pet foods so the manufacturers can make more money

After all, they are much, much cheaper than meat

The problem is that these fillers don't just “fill” your cat up... they literally ruin their digestion

You've probably heard that gluten is bad for you... well... one of the main fillers used by pet food companies is “wheat gluten”...

and it's actually a leading cause of cat allergies

Listen: If there is one thing you learn from me today – make it this:

A cat is an obligate carnivore

They should be eating predominately meat

A dog is an omnivore – they can eat meat, some veggies, and maybe a little bit of grain

But if you look at a dog's teeth.... then look at your cat's – you'll notice your cat's teeth are even pointier and sharper

That's for tearing up and chewing meat!

In the wild, all cats are meat eaters

The only time they ever eat veggies... is when they are in the contents of the stomach and small intestines of an animal they kill

A good cat food will have a small amount of veggies in it, and also fruit – to mimic a natural diet

… but it will always be mostly meat

I've had many pet food companies ask me to be an endorser of products, that use these cheap fillers

They try to tell me things like corn are healthy. I say,

“Have you ever seen a cat in the wild, stalk an ear of corn?!”

<note from Craig – putting this back in. Many vets are flattered to be quoted>

As my colleague, respected veterinarian Dr. Elisa Katz, says...

“Corn — not appropriate for a carnivore. It is an incomplete protein, contains gluten, and is one of the more allergenic food substances, especially since pretty much all of it is GMO”

Dr. Elisa Katz

What's really sad is that these fillers are even in many pet foods that claim to be “natural”, and, “premium”

Sadly, I used to feed Zots one of the “big name cat foods – who’s brand name I can't mention here

Imagine my horror when I looked and saw the # 1 ingredient in that food was corn!

And I was already a veterinarian at the time, so you can see how anyone could make this mistake

The labels on the bag said it was “beneficial”, “balanced”, and “nutritious”

When in reality... that was

Lies Lies Lies

Pet food labels are just as misleading today, as they were in the '70s

So if you've had trouble finding the best food for your cat, it's not your fault

Now, I want to reveal to you my 1st Cat Longevity Discovery

It's a special meat that contains more essential vitamins than any other kind of protein...

Hearty doses of B vitamins - folic acid, and minerals like phosphorus, iron, copper, magnesium and iodine

And... the important fat-soluble vitamins A, E, and K.

What kind of meat am I talking about?

Organ Meat!

Compared to regular cuts of meat, organ meats are more densely packed with just about every nutrient!

So if you haven't fed your cat a food blend with organ meats in it yet... he or she is in for a treat!

Not only do cats love the taste... it's a nutrient burst they cannot get from any other source!

While organ meat may not be the most appetizing to us... this is a nutrient-rich food source cats have been eating for thousands and thousands of years

Most modern cat foods deprive your cat of this premium ingredient

So when you restore organ meats to your cat's diet... it's only natural that you will have a healthier cat... which usually means many more happy years with your cat!

Organ meats also have an extremely high concentration of Vitamin D

So if you live in a cold area, and your cat is not getting Vitamin D from the sun...

It's even more important you get organ meat into their diet

I'll share a simple way to get organ meats to your feline in a moment… and no, it’s not buying expensive products at a butcher shop and you won’t have to do any “prepping”...

… Though first, it's important I share with you the 2nd Cat Health Disruptor you must watch out for... which is


Preservatives are put in pet foods to prevent them from going bad on a store shelf...

The problem with that?

Mother Nature never intended your cat's food to sit on a shelf, at all!

The preservatives used in most cat foods do a number on your cat's digestive system

And the reason why, is because they are

“Bacteria killers”

When your cat eats preservatives, they kill off much of the good bacteria in your cat's digestive tract

This can result in all kinds of serious problems... from skin and coat issues... to weight gain... to excess shedding... irregular pooping... even depression

And the really sad thing is, most owners never realize this

Because you see, when you and I are having a tummy ache, we can say something about it...

But your cat cannot!

And you know how sometimes you will eat a meal that tastes great going down...

Yet a little later you don't feel good? And you wished you hadn't eaten it?

Sadly, this is the experience cats have with many of the foods you will find in stores

It pains me to think about how many cats may be suffering in silence... because of preservatives making it difficult for them to digest

Here are the preservatives you need to watch out for in your cat's food:

“Butylated hydroxytoluene”, or “BHT”

It's nasty cousin, BHA,


“Propylene Glycol”

… which is also found in anti-freeze!

Now, since so many cat foods use preservatives, you may be wondering if you need to start making your cat food yourself

And I say, if you have the time and money, that's a great thing to do!

But if not, don't worry – I'm going to show you how to spot foods that are made with a safe and natural preservative

First, I want to share with you the 2nd of the 4 Cat Longevity Discoveries I mentioned to you earlier...


Remember those good bacteria in your cat's tummy we just talked about, that help your cat with digestion?

Prebiotics are superfoods for your cat's good gut bacteria!

Yes, you heard me right. Prebiotics are not what your cat eats, but what your cat's good gut bacteria needs!

Because when you give your cat's good gut bacteria what they need to flourish... they can help your kitty digest food smoothly

They support your cat's immune system, support healthy digestion, and protect your cat from environmental toxins as well

Here's the best part about giving your cat Prebiotics:

The better digestion helps your cat get more energy from their food!

This is why it seems to often reverse signs of aging... and if you have an older cat, give them youthful pep you may not have seen in awhile

Prebiotics I recommend for cats are

Pea Flour





Chicory Root

I'll show you how to get them into your cat's diet easily in just a moment

Once you do, your cat should experience

Easier and smoother digestion*

Faster metabolism*

More regular pooping*

A less smelly litter box*

And better absorption of good nutrients and vitamins*

*All cats are unique – your cat’s experiences may vary.

And here's what's most exciting...

Scientists have now discovered that “Serotonin”, which is the

“happy hormone” that controls moods in humans and animals...

Is primarily made in the digestive tract

So when you give your cat Prebiotics to help support healthy digestion...

More Serotonin is produced... and you will have a happier cat!

Amazing, right?

Proper levels of Serotonin have also now been linked to less aggression, and less stress in cats... so if you want to give your cat a better quality of life, this is a great way to do it!

< http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/294835 >


3rd Cat Health Disruptor

You need to be aware of is:

Meat By-products

Meat by-products, or as sometimes labeled, “By product meal”, are nothing but slaughterhouse waste

They are what’s left of an animal, after slaughter, and after all of the cuts of meats for humans are removed

This can contain organs, however, it can also contain just about ANYTHING else... feet, beaks, brains, undeveloped eggs, pieces of tumors…

Yes, pieces of tumors!

They can also include, “Intestines with the best effort to remove feces”

Can you imagine that?? These food companies actually have a guy at the meat place, washing the feces out of intestines, then putting them into cat foods!

Pretty gross, right? I'm not feeding my cats that

So if you see “chicken by-product”, “beef by-product”, “lamb by-product”, or “duck by-product” on your cat's food...

Unfortunately, you should probably toss it out

Our cats deserve better than these scraps!

Also beware of generic meat products, that are marked on the label as...

“Meat meal”


“Meat and bone meal”

These can contain road kill, dead zoo animals, dead livestock... and worst of all... euthanized pets from pet shelters, which can still have the poison in their bodies!

Yes, it's really that bad

That leads me to my 3rd Cat Longevity Discovery... that supports your cat in good health:

Omega 3s

Studies have shown that Omega-3s fatty acids are very important to brain health

They are associated with an increased brain volume... and they may even help with signs of brain aging

This is why no surprise that cat owners who start putting more Omega 3's in their cat's diets... find their cats become friendlier, and more active

Not to mention, many cats have problems with pain... and I've seen in my practice that Omega 3s can help with that

< http://www.lifeextension.com/Magazine/201 0/8/Omega-3-Fatty-Acids-Increase-Brain-Volume/Page-01 >

In my experience, I've also found Omegas to be great for helping ease those occasional cat allergies

Now, there are many great Omega 3 supplements on the market, designed for cats

However, I'm going to show you a way to get them into your cat's food – so you don't need to buy an expensive supplement

First, I need to now tell you about the common food you'll find in any pet store – that could lead to heart problems for your cat:

Cooked Food

You'll recall earlier, we talked about the importance of feeding your cat a diet that is “species appropriate”

Or more simply,

What they would eat in the wild

And in the wild, a cat's diet has a lot of moisture

If you give your cat dry food only, he or she is getting very little moisture

This is even worse for cats, than it is for dogs, because cats don't drink as much water

Which is why a dry food diet can cause dehydration in your cat, and stress to their organs

What about gently-cooked food?

A very common health problem house cats now have, is “Cardiomyopathy”

This means a disease of the heart

Cardiomyopathy is caused by not getting enough of the amino acid, taurine

Taurine is found in meat.. however...

The heating and cooking that happens in the making of a typical, commercial pet food... strips the meat of nearly all of the taurine

In fact, the process strips away so many of the vitamins...

Some companies have to use synthetic, spray on vitamins... just to meet the AAFCO Standards!

Sadly, this even includes some foods claiming to be “natural”, human grade, and raw!

These synthetic vitamins are not bioavailable to your cat

What this means is they go in one end, and out the other

This actually depletes energy in your cat's body...

Because your cat does all of that digesting, for nothing

Not to mention the long-term health issues that can arise in your cat, because he or she is not getting the needed vitamins

You'll remember that I was feeding my cat Zots a dry kibble food at the time of his death...

Canned foods and the gently-cooked packaged foods are not much better...

And they are still not a “species appropriate” meal for your cat

All cats in the wild are carnivores, and they all eat their meat RAW

Which brings me to my next Cat Longevity Discovery... which has been the key to being able to help thousands of cats live into their late teens and twenties... without any food-related health troubles...

Raw Food!

Now, the thought of eating raw meat can be a little odd to some of us... and I get that...

Not to mention, over the years, rumors have been spread that raw food can give cats parasites –

Well that's not entirely true, and there is now a simple way to get raw food for your cat safely, that is not expensive, which I'll share in a minute

Why is raw food so powerful for cats?

It's because your cat's digestive system is almost identical to their wild relatives

In fact, recent studies prove that house cats share 95.6% of their DNA with their ancient ancestor, the tiger!


So raw food is the most natural meal you can feed your cat

In my professional opinion, as a veterinarian who has helped thousands of cats overcome nutrition-related illnesses...

You should try to avoid giving cooked food meals to your cat

A snack is ok, from time to time

… but too much cooked food will leave your cat's heart with very little of the nutritional support, that he or she needs

Now – this doesn't mean you should give your cat a bunch of raw steaks or fish

It's still important that their diet be balanced

What this means is to include a small portion of veggies and fruits, just like a cat in the wild would get when it eats the stomach of its prey

You can definitely prepare a food like this for your cat at home, and 20 years ago I even wrote a book on pet food recipes

Though while I'm happy that thousands of people began home-preparing cat food after reading my book...

I've received many letters over the years from people telling me that it just wasn't possible to prepare every meal

And hey, I get it

I know in a perfect world we would all make home-prepped meals for our pets, every single day...

but the ingredients can be expensive... and sometimes, life gets in the way

So, what's a cat lover to do?

Well, as a veterinarian who's appeared a lot of talk shows, I get asked to endorse a lot of pet foods

I've never been able to say yes – because I've always known prepping meals at home was so much better

However, in the last few years, there have been some new developments in the pet food world, that are very exciting

Scientists have now figured out how to put high-quality, RAW food, in a freeze-dried form, that you can serve to your cat at home

Just add a little bit of water, and it is ready to go!

One of the best parts of the freeze-drying process is that it makes the food completely safe for your cat to consume

In fact, I have never once heard of a cat or dog getting any sort of bug from a food made this way

When I heard about this breakthrough, a light bulb went off in my head

THIS new process could make a wholesome, RAW diet affordable, and convenient for cat lovers everywhere

But – could it be done to my strict standards of quality?

I decided to find out for myself

I decided to see if I could get a raw, freeze-dried cat food made – to my standards

If it could be done, great

If not, I'd keep telling people to prepare meals at home, like I've always done

I begin with a recipe:

You see, if I were to create a food to give a cat

● Heart health support

● Kidney health support

● A nice sleek body with good muscle tone

● Good energy

● Easy digestion

● Immune support

● Joint and coat support

● Strong brain health

and of course...

● A delicious taste

it would look like this:

---> High-quality, raw meat proteins, made from the same cuts of meat we humans enjoy – not the leftover pieces or parts!

---> Healthy fats from cows

---> A high amount of nutrient-rich organ meats, that cats love


---> High levels of EPA/DHA – those powerful Omega 3s I mentioned to you earlier – to support your cat's brain health and body health

Typically, a caring cat lover will have to get Omega 3s in supplement form...

But I know the right organ meats that contain high amounts of the essential fatty acids such as arachidonic acid, and omega-3 fats...

Which are the ultimate nutrients for supporting your cat’s brain health, immune health, and naturally fighting inflammation

---> So I would put those special organ meats – like turkey heart and beef liver – in the food, too!

---> The food would also contain veggies and fruits that are Prebiotics... like Chicory Root

Giving your cat’s good bacteria what it needs to thrive

And I wouldn't stop there.

---> I'd also add in Polyphenols

These are powerful nutrients found in dark berries, that I've had many pet lovers tell me have led to an increase in their cat's energy

… which makes sense, as polyphenols have now been shown in scientific studies to increase athletic performance for us humans

Not to mention, polyphenols are powerful antioxidants... which aid in protecting cells from damage...

And as you can guess, the food would contain no grains, no fillers, and no nasty preservatives!

Instead, I would use

“Mixed Tocopherols” - A natural preservative, derived from Vitamin E… that won’t hurt your cat’s tummy

Was it even possible to create a food like this?

I had no idea... but I was going to find out

My team and I began visiting food manufacturers...

I finally tracked down an independent pet food manufacturing company, run by a brilliant veterinarian, turned holistic pet food specialist...

And I finally got a yes on creating a cat food to my exact specifications

There was only one catch:

The food couldn't be made in a large quantity, like those big store brands

“Fine by me!” I said

After all, I knew that this food would NOT be for everybody

You see, while I know most people who have cats, love their cats...

Sadly, I know very few actually do the research on how to give their cats an optimal diet

So even though the food could not be made in large quantities, I decided to move forward anyways

This way, I would at least have something to recommend at my practice

Plus, there was also a big upside...

This manufacturer is a pioneer of the premium, freeze-dried RAW process

The way they do it allows the quality ingredients to retain their nutrient content

And it wouldn't need to be refrigerated

Cat lovers would be able to just add water...

and it would be ready to go!

After many months of tweaking the formula, to get it just right... the first sample showed up at my Clinic

I had it tested, to make sure the nutrient content had held up

And I was pleased to discover it contained an even richer vitamin and mineral profile than I had hoped for

But... would finicky cats eat it?

After all, what good is a healthy food – if your cat doesn't like the taste?

I gave it the real test - I brought it over to my friend Beth – here is how her cat enjoyed it...

<show video>

This was one of the happiest moments of my life

“These days, the #1 issue cats have is renal problems

And with so few cats getting proper nutrition, I feel that is why

We detect renal problems by presence of elevated blood kidney values, and I have seen so many cats have these values improve just by switching their diets to one of predominately raw meat

As my friend and colleague, Dr. Karen Becker, says, “A diet high in excellent-quality (human grade) protein and lower than normal amounts of sodium and phosphorous is recommended”…

And that’s exactly what I set out to create with my own cat food.

This is why I knew this food would allow me to make a change globally – not just in my practice

I don't want to see what happened to Zots, happen to any other cats

When I got that first bag of my cat food, and it passed the nutrition test, then my cats' taste test, I knew.

My vision was about to come true

I'm proud to now present to you,

Dr. Marty Nature’s Feast, A Premium Freeze-Dried RAW Cat Food

This food is based on my 45 years of experience working with animals, and healing cats other doctors said could not be helped.

Every bag contains 77% of excellent-quality, meat protein… which is my recommended amount for optimal cat health.

I'm talking about human grade raw beef, raw turkey, raw salmon, and raw organ meats

I carefully selected the organ meats for maximum nutrient and Omega3 fat content -

Raw beef liver

Raw turkey hearts


Raw turkey liver

The other 23% is made up of the veggies and fruits I've personally found to be the most effective for cat longevity, and because they are Prebiotics:


Sweet Potato


Pea flour






Mixed tocopherols

Let me stress again that while I put a lot of good veggies and fruits in the food, it is 77% raw meat and raw organ meat!

There are no nasty preservatives – just a natural mixed tocopherol blend to keep it fresh on your shelf for as long as you need

While there are other freeze-dried cat foods on the market, this is the only food to meet my strict nutrition standards for felines

freeze dried raw

organ meats

high fat

human grade

And if you've never fed your cat freeze-dried food before, you and your cat are in for a treat!

It's simple to prepare – pull out the number of nuggets that are recommended for your cat's age and weight – then just add water

3 minutes later, it's ready to eat!

(but be warned – your cat will start to smell it when it's out of the bag... and those 3 minutes while they are waiting for the water to do its thing will have your cat salivating for that delicious flavor to come!)

Shake that bag of food, and they will come running!

I formulated Dr. Marty Nature’s Feast to be the most nutritious choice for your cat, whether it's a he or she, a kitten, young, middle-aged, or senior... and it's especially a favorite of my patients who are rescues, or have had health problems in the past

The formula is designed to mimic what your cat would eat in the wild, but with a special twist – it ensures your cat gets the maximum nutrient content, in every meal

This is why my fellow veterinarians are now recommending this food

So if you were sent here today by your veterinarian, please pass on my gratitude – and your cat will be thankful as well!

I'll share with you a few more of the amazing benefits your cat will likely feel from this food at the end of this video

For now, I know that since you're watching this, you care deeply about your cat... so I want to share that you can get it for your best friend, right away

Now, as you can guess, when word spread around the industry that I had created my own cat food, the excitement was unbelievable...

I've been getting calls from pet stores, wanting to carry the food, and even veterinarians I've never met before want to carry it in their clinics

However, I've decided to go a different route

You see, because this food is made from premium, human-grade ingredients, it was quite expensive to produce

If you were to try to make it for your cat yourself, in your kitchen, depending on the size of your cats, you could spend several hundred dollars a month on the ingredients

And if it were to sell in stores, or on one of the big pet websites, they would take the manufacturing price, and mark it up even further. That's how they make their money

It would probably cost more than $100 a bag, which would put it out of reach for many people, and that's the last thing I want to happen

If you love cats as much as I do – and I'm guessing you do – then I'm sure you can understand how important is was to me to make this food affordable for any cat lover

So I've decided to take a different route, and cut out the middle man!

The only place you can get Dr. Marty Nature’s Feast is directly from me!

This way, I can do 3 things:

1. I can assure it ships to you quickly

2. My team can provide you with great customer service

3. I can make sure you get it at the lowest price possible

So when you order my Freeze-dried RAW cat Food, Nature’s Feast, you are not going to pay $100 a bag

You're not even going to pay $70

When you order it now, directly from this website, you'll get a 12 oz bag for just $34.95

::: UPDATE :::

Since I first announced the release of my cat food, the outpouring of joy from cat lovers has been amazing!

People all over the world are ordering my Freeze-dried RAW cat Food – we can barely keep it in stock!

People are showing up at my clinic, and we've had to hire an extra staff member to answer the phones

We are finally back in stock now, and the good news is, we've been able to place a much larger order

So to celebrate the release of this world-changing food, my team and I have decided to put together a special, New Customer Only Offer...

Now, instead of paying $34.95 a bag, when you order Dr. Marty Nature’s Feast in a 4 pack, you'll pay just $31.95 a bag

And my team has put together some even deeper discounts for an 8 pack

However, because we want as many cat lovers as possible to be able to get it to their cat, we must limit this offer to 8 bags per customer

Because of the special sealing and freeze-drying process, the food won't go bad in your cupboard –

Every bag will be as fresh as the day you order, the moment you open it up

Oh, here's something else I'm really excited about

You see, because I'm so confident that Dr. Marty Nature’s Feast will make a huge improvement in your cat's health and happiness... I've decided to do something no cat food producer is doing...

I've decided to back it up with the first ever...

Your Cat Is Healthier Or It's Free, Guarantee!

Here's how it works:

When you click on the order button below, you'll be taken to our Secure Order Page

Fill out your shipping and billing information. Everything is protected with the same web security used by Apple and Amazon.com. Your food will arrive on your doorstep in just a few short days

Then, give it to your cat

Watch how much they love the taste! They won't be able to wait for their next bowl

Then, pay attention to your cat's health

And if you like... take him to your local veterinarian

If you and your veterinarian don’t see noticeable improvements in your cat's health and happiness, simply let us know

You can send back the unused portion, any time within 90 days – and I'll refund every cent of your purchase price!

That's how confident I am in what this food will do for your cat's health

Whether it's a shiner, fuller coat, more energy, more regular poops, a calmer mood, feeling more attentive to you, and better behaved...

Or even just having the healthier teeth and gums that come from eating human grade ingredients your cat was meant to eat...

I'm confident you are going to notice big, positive changes

If not, because we want you to really try the food, you can even send us back the empty bag! And we will still process your refund, no questions asked

That's how strongly I stand behind this cat food

The formula comes from my 45 years’ experience helping animals live the longest, healthiest lives possible... much longer lives than their human friends expected, even!

Because if you think the changes you see in the first few weeks are amazing... think about what's going to happen to your cat's health after eating this high-quality, delicious food for a few months

Many owners report that teeth look healthier and cleaner, and they no longer see tarter build up. coats get shinier, and feel thicker and fuller*

*All cats are unique – your cat’s experiences may vary.

Your cat's body looks healthier... and cats get a glow about them – they just seem happier and more loving, all of the time*

*All cats are unique – your cat’s experiences may vary.

You may also notice their water consumption goes down, because your cat isn't getting as dehydrated*

*All cats are unique – your cat’s experiences may vary.

You'll also see poops become more manageable, and less bulky. The litter box will likely not smell as bad*

*All cats are unique – your cat’s experiences may vary.

And obese cats will lose weight, and become more muscular*

*All cats are unique – your cat’s experiences may vary.

You'll also notice a cat wants to interact more with you, and they can bond better with you*

*All cats are unique – your cat’s experiences may vary.

Because when your cat is getting better nutrients in their food, it's getting more power to their brain

And don't forget how much happier your cat can be when Serotonin production is working better

If this sounds like a lot to expect from just a simple change in food, well then, you are correct!

The way I explain it to cat lovers in my clinic is this:

Imagine if someone was feeding YOU crappy food, then they switched over to feeding you delicious, healthier foods, every single day

Not only would you be appreciative... you would have big changes in your health

A healthier body is a happier body. And when your cat is healthier, that means less money spent on “fixes” for a sick cat

It's truly revolutionary how big of a difference great nutrition can make

The reason I created this food is because I'm tired of hearing about so many cats getting sick!

I've put everything I've discovered in the last 4 decades of healing animals into this recipe, and I know it's going to make an amazing difference in your cat's health and happiness

So click on the link below, and give it a try for your cat today

Dr. Marty Nature’s Feast is only available through this website, and the New Customer Only Offer is only available through this special video,

So grab yours now, and please, accept my sincere thank you

As a lover of cats myself, it means a lot to me that you care for yours enough to spend your time with me today, learning about cat health, and making this investment in your cat's happiness

This is Dr. Marty Goldstein, and I'll talk to you again soon!


Still here?

Great, that's probably because you have some questions.

Ever since my food has hit the market I've been receiving dozens of emails thanking me for making, and with pictures of happy cats enjoying it!

I love getting these emails, so please, keep them coming! And I wanted to answer a few of the most popular questions I've been getting as well – so here we go:


Does each breed of cat need different food?

Answer: They do not! This formula is great for cats of any breed, and in any health condition


Is this good for cats of any age?

The answer is yes! I designed this formula to be the best overall diet for kittens, middle-aged, and senior cats. The nutrient profile contains everything your cat's body needs to not only survive, but THRIVE


Does this food contain added vitamins and minerals?

The answer to this is a big fat NO!

You see, most companies cook the crap out of their food, which strips it of all the nutritional value

So then what they do is add minerals and vitamins, in synthetic form, so they can make label claims

The issue with this is that the synthetic minerals and vitamins are not bioavailable to your cat

In other words, they go in one end, and out the other

This actually depletes energy in your cat's body... as it's a wasted process

Not to mention the long-term health issues missing these vitamins and minerals can cause

Which is why in my food, your cat will get all of its needed vitamins and minerals NATURALLY, from the premium ingredients

We never add in anything else to make label claims! It contains only the best!


Why does this food contain blueberries & cranberries? Are those natural?

Great question!

Recent studies have found pets get great benefits from small amounts of blueberries and cranberries, and my own observations show the same

In 2006, The University of Alaska in Fairbanks conducted a study where sled dogs were given blueberries as a supplement to their diet

The results showed that there was a spike in antioxidants in the sled dog’s blood... which is amazing, because antioxidants play a huge role in preventing free radical damage which, if left unchecked, could lead to cancer


Older dogs that received a diet rich in antioxidants have showed improvement in learning and attention within two weeks of starting the diet

Which tells me they will do wonders with cats, also

Cranberries are well-documented for their ability to improve urinary health in both humans and animals.

They contain a natural compound that prevents bacteria from clinging to the walls of organs, which means a healthier environment and better detoxing for your kitty


These reasons are why I've included my recommended amount of blueberries and cranberries in every serving of my freeze-dried RAW food. Your cat is going to love it!


Why is Ginger in the food? And why Flax?

Ginger is great for bloat, and naturally helps with joint stiffness


Flax is my favorite PREBIOTIC for cats!

Do you recall earlier when I mentioned my favorite way to get Prebiotics into your cat's diet?

Flax is it!

It contains lignin, a form of dietary fiber, which contains substances called oligosaccharides that are food for your cat's good gut bacteria

Strengthening these good bacteria not only improves digestion, it can strengthen the immune system, and support healthy Serotonin production, for a happier cat!

Going to work in the large intestine, they also prevent and relieve constipation while reducing inflammation and discouraging harmful bacteria and parasites


What is the complete ingredient list?

I'm glad you asked – here it is:

Raw Turkey

Raw Beef

Raw Duck

Raw Salmon


Raw Beef liver

Raw Turkey Hearts

Raw Turkey liver

Sweet potato


Pea flour





Pumpkin seeds




Mixed tocopherols

As you can see, these are premium, human grade ingredients. This is the very same formula my wife and I feed our cat at home, and I couldn't be prouder of it


How does it make a difference so quickly?

In addition to not living as long as us humans, cats have much faster metabolism than humans

In fact, an animal's metabolism runs so much faster than ours... that everything is accelerated.

A few years of bad diet for them is like a lifetime for us

However, the opposite is true, when it comes to a good diet! Just a couple of weeks of a good diet can show dramatic improvements in the way your cat looks and feels*

*Individual results may vary.


Why did you share some recipes for cooked food in your book?

Now, if you've read my book, you know that in it I go into detail about how to prepare food for your cat, and share my favorite recipes

I mention some cooked meat recipes, as well as raw

However, I wrote that book 20 years ago…

While I still stand by the recipes in the book... in the last 20 years, what I’ve seen in my practice has shown me even more, the power of RAW food

I've just seen too many cats have success on an all-raw diet

And too many examples of heart problems arising from cooked foods

So I while I still stand by the recipes in my book,

Wherever it said “cooked meat”, I now suggest you replace it with “RAW”

And in the new book I am currently writing, the recipes are all RAW


Why did you finally decide to make your own food?

My answer to this is simple:

The reason I'm doing this is because I love animals, and in my clinic, we can only do so much. Instead of helping 3,000 animals a year, I want to help millions around the globe.

I deeply appreciate those who trust me with their pet's care, and I want to thank you for trusting me with your cat's nutrition.

Please know I take it very seriously, which is why it took me over 40 years to decide to create a cat food. I wasn't going to put something out there unless I could make something ideal for a cat's diet, and it's finally here

Click on the link below to try Dr. Marty Nature’s Feast, A Premium Freeze-dried RAW cat Food today, and I'll be honored to send you and your cat some.

It's fully guaranteed that your cat will love it, and if for ANY reason you decide it's not for you, simply send back what you don't use and I'll refund every cent of your purchase price

That's how confident I am that you and your cat will love this formula, and I can't wait for you to try it!